About us

The Institute for Intercultural Communication and Interdisciplinary Studies SILK ROAD is a Polish think tank, which was registered in March 2013. Our Institute is an independent, non – political and non-profit organization.

The actions of the Institute connected with intercultural communication and dialogue, exchange of goods and culture among different countries and communities, are based on the concept of ancient Silk Road. The very name SILK ROAD given not earlier than in the end of the XIXth century by a famous archeologist baron F. Richthoffen, became the symbol of human pursuit to discover new horizons, possibilities or overcoming barriers of human endurance. It is the symbol of unusual courage of the travelers, who built ,,an intercontinental bridge” linking Asia and Europe still in the distant past. In the beginning of the XXIst century this idea broadened and became more global.

When establishing our Fund we wanted to bring to life a center which would continue the idea of SILK ROAD, would really influence public life in Poland and take active part in international programs for the development of cross-cultural, scientific, educational and economic cooperation among citizens, organizations, institutions and companies both Polish and the counterparts abroad.

Our team (gradually enlarged) includes scientists, specialists having practical knowledge and skills from many years of experience in working on far-east markets, staying in Asia, Africa or South America, and the knowledge of local realities, language and culture. Apart from expert and popularizing activity, we offer our help to Polish companies, institutions and entrepreneurs who plan to start their business/activity in Asia, South America or come across certain difficulties there.

Our projects are going to be launched soon. One of them is building the SILK ROAD Center for Intercultural Dialogue in the center of Poland, near Warsaw in a picturesquely situated town in the commune of Jedlińsk.

If you think that what we do is useful, please give us your support for our actions. We will be grateful for one-time or regular payment/-s to our bank account. Every sum counts, we can promise no donation will be given to sham operation.

We want to welcome Polish institutions, both state and private as well as scientists, experts, journalist, students and all those who would like to share their knowledge with others – cooperate with us and support us! In that way you will contribute to better understanding of distant regions of the world like the Far and Near East, Africa or South America preparing Poland for the challenges that XXIst century brings. Let’s build the ,,intercultural bridge of SILK ROAD” together!