Intercultural communication are the actions the common aim of which is the popularization of knowledge about cultures and communities of the world and introducing Polish tradition. We want to organize meetings with interesting people, workshops and courses as well as photography exhibitions. Our aim is to show traditions and contemporariness/modernity in different parts of the world. We want to accomplish projects concerning separate continents and regions, ethnic groups, refugees and immigrants living in Poland as well as Polish traditional and culture. We pay special attention to the topic of Silk Road, the ancient way connecting China with the western world. It is reflected in the name of our SILK ROAD organization. The Silk Road model not only inspires generations, but also urges afterthoughts on contemporary problems and challenges our civilization faces. It is because history and progress happen here in a special way – not on the grounds of wars and invasions, but economic and cultural interaction.

Polyslavonica – Research on Slavic culture

Polyslavonica is a project aiming at popularizing and protecting the knowledge concerning Slavic cultures and languages in Europe. The word polyslavonica (often shortened to polyslav) was formed from the combination of the Greek prefix πολύ [poly] meaning “a lot” or “many” with Latin slavonica – “Slavic.” Hence, the frequent literal translation – polyslavonica. read more...