Get involved

The Institute of Intercultural Communication and Interdisciplinary Studies (IKMiSI) SILK ROAD is a Polish think tank, the actions and research of which are connected with intercultural communication, the exchange of goods and culture among different countries and communities, are based on the concept of ancient Silk Road connecting China with the western world, In the beginning of the XXIst century the idea broadened and became to be more global.

The Institute is open to cooperate with other funds, institutions and organizations with similar action goals. We also form partnership relations with the organizations abroad working on international projects and scientific research. We want to create and enlarge our team seeking people with passion in various domains and countries. It is possible to be engaged in the activity of the Institute by:

  • taking part in the EXPERTS’GROUP’s work (scientists, specialists, researchers and journalists). Welcome to the group and send your cv.
  • taking part in conferences and symposia. We will place the chosen articles and opinions on the Institute’s web sites and print them in the after-conference materials and in the quarterly.
  • Voluntary work (creating and positioning web sites, translation etc), financial support and material assistance for the Institute’s actions.